Site Work Services in Lockport or Niagara Falls


Site Preparation & Land Clearing

Site preparation is always the first and most important phase of any construction project. This includes clearing, dozing and grading. Most importantly is planning and setting the correct grade and elevations. This will ensure the correct drainage and avoid many other potential problems in the future.

Pole Barn & Stone Pads

At Martin Edge we specialize in the Pole Barn pre-construction site work. We work with some of the finest local builders and can assist our clients with our years of knowledge when it comes to the site preparation for your Building. When the site work is done correctly, this ensures a smoother construction process and will avoid any surprises during construction and prevent many future issues. We can help with the building placement decision and the setting of elevations and correct drainage. There are many factors that need to be considered during this step. When done right this will ensure that your contractor has no delays and construction will go smoothly.

Dozing & Grading of Land

We provide bull dozing and grading services for many different construction projects including New construction, pole barn pads, driveways, parking lots and many more. We provide an on-site 2D drawing of the proposed work area and utilize laser control systems to achieve the best results for the grading of stone and dirt.

Excavation & Trenching

Martin Edge has many excavation options - From 9000 lb. mini excavators all the way up to 60,000 lb. excavators with many attachment options for your project's needs. We provide trenching for utilities, general excavation, rock and concrete hammering and demolition.

Parking Lot/Roads with Finish Millings

Martin Edge specializes in the site preparation for new parking areas. This includes removing the topsoil, compaction of dirt, spreading and grading crushed aggregates to the desired grade. Finally, a perfectly finished asphalt millings top coat is compacted.

New Construction Backfilling & Final Grading

When all the construction is done Martin Edge provides backfilling service and final grading. This can include delivery of premium screened topsoil which is spread, leveled, raked and hydroseeded for the perfect grass.

Demolition & Site Cleanups

Martin Edge also provides:

  • Site clean ups and demolition
  • Concrete rip outs
  • Old Farm Clean ups and demolition
  • General Land cleanups including removal of old machinery and clearing for resale

Mobile On-site Crushing

We can provide mobile on-site crushing of concrete, stone, brick and demolition debris.

Mobile On-site Screening

We offer mobile on site screening of topsoil, asphalt Millings, stone and demolition debris.

Specialty Landscape Projects

Martin Edge's specialty landscape projects include stone wall construction. Small or large Rock boulder delivery and placement. Retention area ponds and stone placement and much more.